Free Little Wiwa SMA Playmat Free Little Wiwa SMA Playmat

Terms & Conditions for Free Product Promotion (Singapore)

  1. Danone Specialized Nutrition (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. ("Danone") is organising the following promotion: with every $280 nett purchase of Aptamil Participating Products, get a free Little Wiwa SMÅ playmat, (SKUs: SIGNATUR SAGE and LILLE VERDEN MARMOR) (worth $149) ("Promotion"). By participating in the Promotion, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below ("Terms and Conditions").
  2. "Participating Products"
    1. refers to:
      1. Aptamil Gold+ Stage 3 (900g);
      2. Aptamil Gold+ Stage 4 (900g);
      3. Aptamil Gold+ HA Prosyneo Growing Up Milk (900g);
      4. Aptamil Gold+ HA Prosyneo Growing Up Milk (600g);
      5. Aptamil Gold+ HA Prosyneo Growing Up Milk Twinpack (900g)
    2. excludes:
      1. all types of infant formula (for 0-12 months of age).
  3. "Participating Retailers" are FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, Warehouse Club, Cheers, FairPrice Express and Unity.
  4. Promotion period for FairPrice retail stores starts on 25th March 2021 and ends on 31st May 2021. FairPrice Online starts on 18th March 2021 and ends on 31st May 2021.
  5. All purchases have to be made during the Promotion period.
  6. In-store/retail purchases can be made in a single receipt or capped to a maximum of THREE (3) receipts per redemption. Redemptions are limited to TWO (2) redemptions per household.
  7. Notwithstanding paragraph 6 above, purchases of the Participating Products from Fairprice Online MUST be made in a SINGLE receipt in order to be entitled for instant redemption (i.e. receive the premium directly together with the purchases on the tax invoice). The Redemption Office will NOT entertain any invoices from Fairprice Online that are entitled to instant redemption that did not meet the above requirement.
  8. Instant redemption from Fairprice Online is awarded from 18th March to 31st May 2021, on a "first-come-first-served" and "while-stocks-last" basis.
  9. This Promotion is open to anyone residing in Singapore except the employees and immediate families of Danone. No traders allowed.
  10. Receipts from in-store/retail purchases are to be uploaded online at
  11. All redemption entries have to be submitted online by 31st May 2021, 2359hrs.
  12. Upload a picture of the original receipt with the Participating Retailer’s name, purchase items, date of purchase and receipt number. Ensure all are captured clearly in the image to avoid disqualification. Incomplete or blur images will not be entertained.
  13. It is the responsibility of the participants to ensure the Terms and Conditions in paragraphs 1 to 12 are met in order to qualify for the promotion. No calls will be made by Danone or its agencies to inform the participants of any disqualification.
  14. Eligible and successful submissions will be sent a unique redemption code via email, to the email address provided by the participant, within 2 weeks of the submission of receipts online. This code is to be used directly on Little Wiwa’s website for selection of preferred design and delivery slot.
  15. Details on the redemption of premium will be provided in the redemption email.
  16. Selection of design and delivery of premium are to be arranged directly on Little Wiwa’s website and will be carried out by Little Wiwa Pte. Ltd. Delivery service is at the cost of $8 per delivery.
  17. Self-collection of premium is not available.
  18. Redemptions are awarded on a "first-come-first-served" and "while-stocks-last" basis.
  19. Limited to a maximum of two (2) Little Wiwa SMÅ Playmat redemptions per customer.
  20. For in-store/retail purchases: premium is available in 2 designs – SIGNATUR SAGE and LILLE VERDEN MARMOR. The availability of design options is on first come first redeem basis, and while stocks last. For online purchases: premium is only available in 1 design - LILLE VERDEN MARMOR.
  21. Selected design of premium during online checkout is final. Exchange of redemption item(s) due to change of mind is not allowed.
  22. All redemption items are not transferable or exchangeable for cash or any other item.
  23. Six (6) months limited warranty will be provided for the premium by Little Wiwa Pte. Ltd. Warranty covers manufacturing defects only. Wear and tear, discolouration, puncture damage (such as pierces and holes) caused by use, incorrect use, accidents and/or failure to follow care instructions are not covered under the limited warranty.

    Please note: Due to the absence of toxic additives to TPU material, an ageing process comes naturally with the mats and you might find fading and discolouration over time with usage. The timeframe of the ageing depends on the factors and conditions the mat is used and placed within. This process may be accelerated due to heat and humid conditions, prolonged direct exposure to sunlight and cleaning practices using harsh cleaning agents. Due to the ivory white colour of the Marmor, it is more prone to discolouration so please use extra care with this particular design. Please refer to Little Wiwa’s Product Care instructions for best practise and how to minimise discolouration.

  24. Customers are required to check the item(s) carefully and thoroughly upon receiving the playmat(s). Should there be any manufacturing fault on the mat, customer can contact Little Wiwa Pte. Ltd. directly via email at within 7 days of receiving the product to arrange for a replacement. If the mat has been used AND/OR it has passed the 7 day period, no exchange will be allowed.
  25. Danone reserves the rights to substitute the redemption item with other items of similar value at its discretion or terminate this Promotion without prior notice.
  26. By taking part in this Promotion, participants agree and accept without condition that Danone may elect to use your personal information contained herein for legitimate business purposes whilst placing your privacy or confidentiality with the highest priority. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy.
  27. For all queries pertaining to this Promotion, please refer to Aptamil’s Promotion Page or contact Careline at 1800 266 9988.
  28. For all queries pertaining to the Little Wiwa SMÅ playmat, (SKUs: SIGNATUR SAGE and LILLE VERDEN MARMOR), please contact Little Wiwa via email at